Satellite tournaments at Vikingbet Poker are frankly out of this world. Right, now that we’ve got that very obvious pun out of our system, let’s get serious. After all, satellite tournaments can lead to some pretty serious money.

Every Saturday night we run a big multi-table tournament that’s our Satellite Grand Final, where the prize pools can run to thousands and thousands of dollars. Being a satellite final, there are two ways that you can get a seat. One, you can pay you money and take a place, just as you would for any multi-table tournament. Or two, you can qualify for the final by playing in one of our satellite qualifiers. This option may appeal, as you can qualify for a fraction of the price.

Satellite qualifiers are, in effect, single-table tournaments where the game starts as soon as nine people have taken a seat. But, unlike our normal single-table tournaments, only the winner takes a prize (nothing for second or third in this game I’m afraid). And instead of taking the money, the satellite winner gets a place in the Grand Final and a shot at the huge prize pool.

Hopefully that’s all clear, but in case it’s not, now may be a good time for an example.

Let’s say that there’s a multi-table tournament running this Saturday that’s labelled “Satellite Final” where the buy-in is $90 plus the $9 entry fee. You fancy a piece of that action as the prize pool could grow past the $40,000 mark, but you’d rather not pay $99 to enter.

You’re in luck; you also notice that there are lots of single-table tournaments running with the word “Satellite” in the name, and that the buy-in for these tournaments are much, much lower; just $11 plus the $1.10 entry fee in fact. As the winner of this single-table tournament gets a seat in the Grand Final as their prize, you could still enter eight of these tournaments ans still save money on the seat in the Grand Final. Nice!

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